Saturday, February 05, 2005

TIPS 001 : DAT movie file to MPEG

>> amateur tips for amateur one << we can change DAT movie file to mpg/mpeg using some tricks. if u werkz with Adobe Premiere, actually it doesnt accept mpg/mpeg files. Adobe has notice about this. but in fact, we can import mpg/mpeg file to this. we can just rename .dat file extension to .mpg file extension in windows explorer. remember that your windows explorer shows up all of your file extension. if not, go to Tools menu above, choose Folder Option, click View Tab, then uncheck "Hide extension for known types" seel details below. it was just dirt trick to make ur dat file recognized by adobe premiere. but its not guarantied that ur movie will be werkz fine in adobe premiere. some bugs will accure coz .dat was some bad video compression. for example, it will duplicate ur movie and audio in first second of ur exported movie from this clip. the other way, we can convert file information of DAT to mpg. its the real convert. not just rename this file name. but rename the information of its file. we can use vcdgear tools. its very easy to use and absolutely FREE. u can download it here screenshot : its allow us to extract mpeg streams from CD images, convert .dat files to mpg, correct mpg errors, and more in a single step. hope its help u.

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