Sunday, March 27, 2005


damn ! the electric turn off suddenly. i have no ups plugged for my pc. so.. as my guessed, windows got error on it. i doubt that chkdsk (/f) can fixs this problem. and its true. i've check it in read only mode, theres a problem shown. then i try in fixing mode, need to be restart coz it check drive c: system, that still in use. after restart it, windows didnt find any problems. but after log in, i check in read only mode, the problems still shown. so many articles about it i read from internet, and some people got same problems with me. some suggest to install SP2. but i've installed it. last time i also have problem about this when i use no SP. then i install SP2, the problem solved. but not for this time. i've tried to fix .. fix.. fix.. and fix... but still error. i try to install SP2 again, still error. i try to fix it, shut down then unplug the power cable. then turn of pc again. then the problem fixed. i try to shut down again, then check again. the error shown again. *&^$@#%*&@()#%@

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