Thursday, March 31, 2005

Clean noise in sound

hello yar, now i'll post about how to clean noise in your audio. the promblem here is, we 've record sound from mic input for some VO. but the sound too silence, not laudhly. so we must increase the volume. then theres still many noise, so we must clean it. here is the result after we record from mic input. Image hosted by well, we use Cool Edit Pro, now known as Adobe Audition. first, we should clean up the noise before we normalize to increase this volume level. select all the area of waveform view. then click menu effect -> DirectX -> Sony -> Noise Gate Image hosted by then will shown panel like this : Image hosted by choose some Thresould leve to get your best. or you can choose factory preset, or adjust them then make your preset. if you finish, click ok. then, we will increase its volume level. still in all waveform selected, click effect -> amplitude -> normalize. Image hosted by the panel shown like bellow : Image hosted by we can normalize into n%, depend on the level we need. for example 150%. we choose 150% coz some sound avarage will be 100%, and little some over than 100%. then, waveform will be shown like this Image hosted by why we should clean the noise first before we normalize ? some noise reductor, they clean noise depend on the type of noise. in Cool Edit, theres many noise reductor. like hiss or other. first we choose noise gate to clean noise, coz if we normalize it first, the noise will be increase too, then it will be not recognized as noise. you got it ? sorry for my bad english. :lol: then next step, if we still have noise in waveform, try clean it with hiss reduction. click effect -> noise reduction -> hiss reduction Image hosted by panel shown like this : Image hosted by adjust the noise floor to get clean. or we also may tried another noise reduction effect. try if you want get another result. keep trying.

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