Thursday, March 10, 2005

No Clone - find duplicate files

sebel ga sih kalo kita punya file file yang sama dalam kompi kita. menuh-menuhin space hardisk kan ? ini biasanya terjadi pada sejumlah file file mp3. biasanya tu kalo kalo kita pas lagi males ngerapiin koleksi mp3 kita. nah, ni ada solusi buat ngatasi problem itu. ada tiny software buat ngatasi itu. NoClone - Find Duplicate Files screenshot : Image hosted by features : NoClone - Find and Remove TRUE duplicate files by byte-to-byte comparison. Smart Marker helps to clean up hard drive NoClone - Find Duplicate Files Review NoClone - file utility software to find and Remove TRUE duplicate files * True Byte-to-byte comparison , not by CRC. * Search duplicate file contents regardless of file name * Search also file portions, file name, simple fuzzy match * Smart deletion * Save search session/ Export result list * Delete or move duplicate files * Clean up disk space, manage files better ** Enterprise Ed.: Search over network link to download

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