Saturday, April 02, 2005

GDIPlus.dll Security Threat Hotfix

GDIPlus.dll Security Threat Hotfix Background: 3ds max uses a DLL called GdiPlus.dll, provided by Microsoft. Older versions of the file, including that of Discreet, have been discovered to contain a vulnerability that allows worms/viruses to be executed from within JPG images. Resolution: To resolve this Security Threat: 1. Go to 2. Download the utility 3. Run the test If the result is the same as below, then follow steps 1 or 2 depending on your OS. C:\3dsmax6\GdiPlus.dll Version: 5.1.3100.0 <-- vulnerable version # For Windows XP, simply delete the file and run a windows update. # For Windows 2000, go to Microsoft's website to download the new GDIPlus.DLL and replace the older one: here More information is available on the Microsoft web site at: source

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