Saturday, July 23, 2005

make AVI from VCD format (.dat)

as we know .dat format (used for VCD format that created from mpg 1) has unclear motion video. some people said that this is the worst video format that people used in the world to be shown in tv media but it famouse in asia. this format compressed the video too much that sometimes makes this video can't be reproduce in other format. i mean, we still can reproduce this video using video editor (ex. Adobe Premiere), but most problem we'll get some first frames repeated two times in the result of beginning this video that we exported from video editor (ex. adobe premiere). previouse days i've got new idea about, how to make new format from vcd. mostly i just rename .dat file type to .mpg then edit this file in video editor. or as i told you before in this blog, i use vcdgear to convert .dat to .mpg in the right way. rename .dat file to .mpg just a trick i use in order to my adobe premiere can import this file to the project. :lol: then, what the idea ? it is very simple. first prepare your vcd/dvd player. plug in the video cable (most is RCA cable) from vidoe out in your vcd/dvd player to your video in of your TV. then plug in the video cable from your video out in your TV to your capture card in your computer. make sure your tv programed in video setting. prepare your capture software, play it after u capture it. thats all! VCD/DVD Player -> TV -> Captured Card -> Capture Software you'll get better video in better format n better picture than the source .dat file. as we know, vcd format has 352.288 pixel in PAL and 352.240 pixel in NTSC. from this way we'll get avi format in 720.576 in PAL or depend on what setting we setted up. easy huh ?

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