Friday, September 02, 2005

Yahoo Messenger v7 "with voice"

Out went Yahoo Messenger "The All New Yahoo! Messenger" v6 and in came Yahoo! Messenger "Next Generation" v7 which was Yahoo!'s beta version, then on the 30th August it was released from beta as "Yahoo! Messenger... with voice" and version at 8.25mb leads the charge...

Current Version... 30 August 05 thanks loads to marl :) file name: ymsgr7_437_us.exe size: 8.25mb download from via their installer method (msgr7us.exe 372kb) installer problems? try the downloading via the direct approach ymsgr7_437_us.exe this is the main exe, simply download, locate the exe file, then double click to install, nice and simple. Food for thought.. instead of deleting the exe after install, throw it in your My Documents folder just in case you need to reinstall at a later stage, saves you a lot of time if you're a dialup user :) for more information or if you want to share your thoughts on it see forum thread yahoo messenger 7 build 426 released

The Basic System Requirements are: Microsoft Windows 98/2000/Me/XP Microsoft Internet Explorer version 5.01 or higher Macromedia Flash Player 6.0 or higher Windows Media Player version 7 or higher 56k or broadband Internet connection microphone, sound card, and speakers for more specific requirements and ways to avoid installation/upgrade problems check out our Yahoo v7 Installation, System Requirments, Settings & Paths So what's new with version 7? The big pull for v7 is without doubt the additon of Voice which via Yahoo Messenger, allows "Free, Worldwide PC-to-PC Calls", like you're PC answerphone and Call History lets you keep of track of who you talked to, who you missed and all the basics like duration of call and times and with the ability to set Ring Tones for your friends is seems Yahoo has covered the major bases. If you need help or assistance with using Voice then Yahoo! has help section specifically for Voice here.

Photo Sharing has to be the next big pull for this version. If you're familiar with Googles Hello, then you should be right at home using Yahoo!'s Photo Sharing as it works very much the same way with drag and drop, the main difference being, Yahoo! offers a pointer which Hello doesn't. If you need help or assistance with using then Photo Sharing Yahoo has help section specifically for Photo Sharing here.

They have also introduced drag and drop File Transfer which is drop dead handy as there is no more navigation your way to deep dark depths of your computer, simply pop open the folder your file is in and drag it across to your IM window. At the moment Yahoo!'s file transfer help is somewhat limited but the one topic they have Can I use Yahoo! Messenger to send files to my friends? covers the basics like the ability to send image files/formats (outside of Photo Sharing), "There is no limit to the size of files you can transfer, as long as neither you nor your friend are behind a firewall that prohibits peer-to-peer transfers. In that case, the file will be sent through Yahoo! servers, and file size is limited to 100 MB." and they also let us know so long as the person we're sharing files with is on our friends list we can share and unlimited number of files, but they aren't on our list we limited... what they fail to let us know is how but I'm sure we'll all find that out in time.

With v7 came Finding, Adding and Sharing, this means we can now share our messenger friends list, contact details, you can import your contacts from Microsoft Outlook and our Yahoo Address Books. Search gives us instant access to, well... Search of course and its available in every IM window, no more having to trot along and spring open your browser, they also introduced LiveWords (in beta) which lets us hightlights words in any IM window then produces search results for them... strange... but that could just be me. Yahoo has provided a little more information about this feature at What is the LiveWords feature? in their Version 7 Help Section. There is also intergration with Yahoo! 360° which is cool as an icon desplays beside you're friends name with they have updated their blog, no more random searching for updates :)

We still have LAUNCHcast Radio, Multi Player Games, IMVironments, Stealth Settings and Privacy, Audibles, Yahoo! Avatars, Display Images, Skins, WebCam, Conference and of course Emoticons (Smileys), which speaking of.... we have 8 new smileys, (more information in our Yahoo! v7 Smileys section), on the new drop down menu you'll notice © Yahoo! on the phone © Yahoo! call me © Yahoo! at wits' end © Yahoo! wave © Yahoo! time out © Yahoo! daydreaming and there are two hidden / secret ones © Yahoo! I don't know and © Yahoo! not listening which is fine and dandy, ok so I wont be using many of them, in fact perhaps only © Yahoo! on the phone which is the one I personally voted for... but... and I mean BUT... did they really have to mess with our existing ones???!

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