Friday, July 29, 2005

citra pariwara 2005

Malam Citra Pariwara 2005 akan segera digelar di Surabaya, 16 September 2005 mendatang. Entry yang akan dinilai adalah iklan yang dirilis ke publiknya pada periode mulai 1 Juli 2004 hingga 30 Juni 2005. Seperti tahun lalu, sosialisasi system penjurian juga akan dilakukan terlebih dahulu sekaligus menandai dibukanya periode pendaftaran, yakni pada 24 Juni 2005 jam. 17.00 di Club Rasuna. Periode pendaftaran sendiri akan berlangsung selama 1 bulan. ... <detil> isu yang beredar, acara citra pariwaranya sendiri gak diadain disurabaya. yang bakal diadain di surabaya cuman kongressnya aja. sementara prosesi acara livenya diadakan di jakarta. so, why ? apa karena surabaya nggak prospek ? apa karena surabaya masyarakatnya nggak punya jiwa seni ? nggak pada respek ? kenapa kalah dengan yogyakarta yang suda pernah bikin award sendiri ? kabarnya sih cuman karena kalah voting. tapi ada apa dibalik itu smua ? kita tunggu aja beritanya.

Wednesday, July 27, 2005


Image hosted by thx 2u all for all of ur remembering my b-d n ur care to me. im nothin' without u all.

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Image hosted by Photobucket.comImage hosted by Image hosted by some captured screen of BPM animation bumper design using 3d studio max n after effect.

wip - discman "x"

trying to test material rendering using v-ray in 3d studio max with 1 standart omni. will be continued as soon as possible.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

siapa gerangan dirinya

Aku sayapnya... tambatan hatinya Yang mengilhami tiap langkah hidupnya Begitu adanya... dalam goresan pena Ia suratkan berkala untukku Tak sekalipun kujumpai dia # Tak pernah berhenti mencintaiku Seluruh jiwa raga meskipun samar Siapakah gerangan dirinya Aku nafasnya mungkin pula nadinya Kan menjaga denyut jiwanya Berartinya aku dimata hatinya T'lah meniupkan cinta sejatinya Sungguh enggan ia merelakan aku # Tak pernah berhenti mencintaiku Seluruh jiwa raga hati meskipun samar Siapakah gerangan dirinya artis : padi

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Fall Again

Feels like a fire that burns in my heart Every single moment that we spend apart I need you around for every day to start I haven’t left you alone There’s something about you, I stare in your eyes And everything I’m looking for I seem to find All this time away is killing me inside I need your love in my life I wanna spend time till it ends I wanna fall in you again Like we did when we first met I wanna fall with you again Ohhhh (etc.) We fought in a battle, nobody one And now we face a mountain to be overcome You can’t turn away, the past is said and done I need us to carry on I wanna spend time till it ends I wanna fall with you again Like we did when we first met I wanna fall with you again la la la la la, whoa (etc.) You’ll try everything you never thought would work before When you live, when you love, and you give them your all You can always give up some more Baby nothing means anything unless you’re here to share with me I can breathe, I can bleed, I can die in my sleep Cause you’re always there in my dreams I wanna spend time till it ends I wanna fall with you again Like we did when we first met I wanna fall with you again I wanna spend time till it ends I wanna fall with you again Like we did when we first met I wanna fall with you again Ohh, la la la (etc.) You again Maid in Manhattan Soundtrack Artist: Glenn Lewis

watched movie : Neko no Ongaeshi (the cat returns) 2002

if you find your self troubled by something mysterious or a problem that's hard to solve there's a place you can go. a place where ...
The movie from the production line of Studio Ghibli, Neko no Ongaeshi is a light-hearted movie as digestible as chicken soup. Directed by Morita Hiroyuki, the movie is based on the manga Baron, Neko no Danshaku by Hiiragi Aoi, who is also the author of Mimi wo Sumaseba and its sequel Mimi wo Sumaseba: Shiawase na Jikan. Neko no Ongaeshi is similar to the critically-acclaimed movie Sen to Chihiro no Kamikakushi by Miyazaki Hayao in the sense that it begins in normal Japan and shifts to a parallel world later in the story. There, the similarity stops and a whole new adventure begins. The story is about a typical Japanese girl Haru who seems to have a nack in getting into mishaps. One day, she saves a cat from being run over by a truck. The cat turns out to be the prince of the Cat Kingdom and, in return of the favor, the king has decreed that the whole kingdom tries its best to repay her kindness. Unfortunately for her, none of the 'gifts' were fitting for a human, and to add to her troubles, she was also decreed to be married to the prince that she saved. The movie in general borders along humor and fantasy, leaning more towards the former. Haru's naiveness and the antics of the cats will definitely put a smile and a laugh into your mouth. No one is evil and there are no bad guys. In fact, the worst character is simply an over-eccentric father whose acts seem to be more on the naughty side than evil.
The storyline is simple yet entertaining, the animation splendid as is the trademark of Studio Ghibli. The music is enlightening, although one might notice, if observant enough, that some of the music pieces are recycled from the movie Mimi wo Sumaseba. The theme song, done by Tsuji Ayano, has such a great feel-good factor that it will remain playing in your head long after you come out of the theatre. It's hard not to like this movie, and although it is definitely not in the same level as movies like Kaze no Tani no Nausicaa and Tenkuu no Shiro Laputa, you definitely would not want to miss this movie either. If may not be a Miyazaki movie, but it is still a Ghibli movie, and that alone is reason enough to watch it. taken from complete story n captured movie

make AVI from VCD format (.dat)

as we know .dat format (used for VCD format that created from mpg 1) has unclear motion video. some people said that this is the worst video format that people used in the world to be shown in tv media but it famouse in asia. this format compressed the video too much that sometimes makes this video can't be reproduce in other format. i mean, we still can reproduce this video using video editor (ex. Adobe Premiere), but most problem we'll get some first frames repeated two times in the result of beginning this video that we exported from video editor (ex. adobe premiere). previouse days i've got new idea about, how to make new format from vcd. mostly i just rename .dat file type to .mpg then edit this file in video editor. or as i told you before in this blog, i use vcdgear to convert .dat to .mpg in the right way. rename .dat file to .mpg just a trick i use in order to my adobe premiere can import this file to the project. :lol: then, what the idea ? it is very simple. first prepare your vcd/dvd player. plug in the video cable (most is RCA cable) from vidoe out in your vcd/dvd player to your video in of your TV. then plug in the video cable from your video out in your TV to your capture card in your computer. make sure your tv programed in video setting. prepare your capture software, play it after u capture it. thats all! VCD/DVD Player -> TV -> Captured Card -> Capture Software you'll get better video in better format n better picture than the source .dat file. as we know, vcd format has 352.288 pixel in PAL and 352.240 pixel in NTSC. from this way we'll get avi format in 720.576 in PAL or depend on what setting we setted up. easy huh ?

Thursday, July 21, 2005

scripting ? ow, crap!!

damn!! about a month i wondered whats wrong with the script. var temptilt=0; ..... camera.tilt +=(key_cuu - key_cud)*4*time; if... else.. .... camera.tilt = 0 + temptilt; the red should be temptilt. oh, god...

new counter

huaa.. pingin tidur tapi ntar dulu ah. dilit engkas.. after back from office yesterday, as usual, i played badminton with my office mate. then back home, take bath n praying, then move to my friend's studios. then i back home just now. after praying, i turn on my computer then checked up this blog. aw, so surprised when i see what the counter showed. yes, i have new counter that shows the place of the visitor position. just wonder theres so many countries shown there. btw, whoever u are, thanks for visiting. now... let me sleep.. zzZZzz... ZzzZZzz....

Tuesday, July 19, 2005


Image hosted by suwer samber cewek cakep deh! baru kali ni liat sexy dancer live. gak percuma bawa sapu tangan dari rumah dikancingin di baju buat ngusap iler. kekekeke... ternyata kek gitu ya dugem di diskotik. asyik juga, bikin ketagihan. huahahhaha.. suka banget sama musiknya yang kenceng banget. jarang didapat kecuali kalo muter r&b di kompi pake headset. bisa sekenceng-kencengnya gak mbisingi tetangga. mereka ada order bikinin screen animation untuk wall screennya. kalo kalian pernah ke hugos cafe di tunjungan plasa, konsep screen animasinya sih dah ok. cuman masih sekedar tampilan monoton mirip slide slide doang. kali ni klien (bukan hugos) ingin nampilin yang beda. selain ada animasi, digabungin juga dengan video. tools : - 3d studio max for 3d animation - adobe after effect for 2d animation n adjusting scene - sony acid pro for compose the loops - adobe premiere for compose video

tarif internet StarOne

beberapa hari kemaren sempat kaget juga ngeliat perubahan tarif penggunaan internet Starone. ternyata per juli 2005 tarif penggunaan internet starone dah berubah. baik untuk pengguna postpaid atau prepaid. untuk pengguna prepaid, akses internet turun jadi Rp 3 per KiloByte. sedang pengguna postpaid ada 3 jenis pemakaian tarif :
Paket Bulanan Internet I **)
Rp. 100.000 perbulan s/d 350 MByte Penggunaan selebihnya Rp. 500/MByte
Paket Bulanan Internet II **)
Rp. 200.000 perbulan s/d 1 GByte Penggunaan selebihnya Rp. 500/MByte
Akses Internet per Kilo Byte (KB)
Rp. 3
trus.. gimana dengan paket 200 rebu flat bulan bulan lalu ? kata customer carenya sih, masih bisa dinikmati sampek akhir tahun ini. tahun depannya nunggu kebijakan dari pihak management. so.. bagi kalian yang make pake bulanan internet tu, yang biasa ngeping pake code : ping -t -l 1 sangat tidak saya sarankan.

wisata sungai

Image hosted by Image hosted by Image hosted by syukurlah kalo emang sungai di surabaya bisa dibikin kek gini. tapi seberapa lama keberadaan tempat yang bersih dan rapi tetap terjaga ? tools : 3d studio max 6.0 adobe after effect 5.5 creat in 2 days, render in 1 nite with about 2000 frames.

i luv july, it makes me bussy

much problems on july .. .... learning about life on july.. manything specials on july.. ....... many changes on july.. many projects on july.. .. many dreams come true.. ... ... .. of course i born on july.

Monday, July 18, 2005

offline, kemana aja ?

sorry, baru bisa online akhir akhir ini. bukan apa apa, kebetulan load job lagi lumayan. lumayan nyita segalanya. ya nyita waktu, nyita ram, nyita processor, nyita vga, kekekek.... thnx buat temen temen yang masih nyempetin diri mampir ke site ini.