Saturday, February 05, 2005

TIPS 002 : Merge & Cut in TMPGEnc

>> amateur tips for amateur one << Q : i have video vcd, then i want to choose some action in this movie. i also want to save this audio in one file separately from the movie so i can play this file in audio player like winamp. firstly we need TMPGEnc tools. we can download here. change ur DAT file to mpg file. check how to change this here. open TMPGEnc software. then choose File menu, click MPEG Tools. Click Merge & Cut panel. klik add butten, then choose ur file that will be converted. choose ur type as MPEG-1 System (automatic). then click browse button, put ur file in the folder u want. before u pussh run button, click the movie file that will be cut, then click edit. see picture below. after we click edit button, will appear like this : choose the part of ur movie using the slider then trim them using the trimmer in the rite side. click ok if u finished. now u can push run button. >>>> to take the audio only of ur movie, choose simple de-multiplex tab in mpg tools of tmpgenc. brows ur input movie, then browse ur audio output. delete the video output file, leave this box empty. hit run, u'll get this audio file in .mp2 format. u still can play this in winamp player. see the picture below :

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